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Life Sciences in Business – Where Two Worlds Meet

Ever wondered what science and business have in common? There are real opportunities for the savvy life scientist in the business world if you care to look closer.

When we think of life scientists, we picture the white lab coat and techies who are eternally stressed out. What we don’t think about, are all the roles in business that a life scientist might have to perform. In every aspect of science, knowledge of the business world comes in handy. In some cases, it is entirely essential. For example, research scientists require funding to perform their research. Without teaching them how to get it, we wouldn’t be teaching them how to pursue their career.

Business and life sciences go hand in hand. Here are some of the ways your business might benefit from a few spare scientists.

What is Life Science?

Life science refers to the study of all things which relate to life. When scientists study ‘life’ that means everything from the smallest bacterium right up to the biggest potential threat to life in outer space. Life sciences cover all sizes and shapes of life in between, big, and small, predatory and prey, under the ocean and in the deepest forests. It might work well for you to picture Indiana Jones as a life scientist. He not only studied past objects related to human culture, but he also explored the lands that produced these items, where he learned about (and sometimes fought) the local culture.

What are Business Roles in Life Science?

When we apply the business world to life science, we get several interesting crossovers. Immediately, the pharmaceutical sector springs to mind. The entire process of creating and selling drugs meant to better humanity is a life science. As well as human life, there are other types which fall into this category. The people who make and sell bleach work with microorganisms. The businesspeople behind selling weedkillers are dealing with life sciences. Those who are creating radon detectors are working with life sciences. Any businessperson selling any of the above develops an interesting web of science-meeting-business.

Where to Find Jobs in the Business of Science?

You can find exceptional roles by browsing Hays life science jobs UK. They have both jobs to hunt through, and a space for uploading your CV. This means you can job hunt while you aren’t even online. You can find roles in life sciences through advertising your own skills on social media sites, too. LinkedIn is one of the primary ways to find business career work in the modern age.

The Future for LS Businesses

The reason this area of business is so interesting is that it represents some of the final frontiers of human understanding. These frontiers provide potential scopes for advancement that we don’t even know about yet. Imagine we found a creature in space that created gold when it spoke. Imagine we find a creature at the bottom of the ocean who has skin that’s tougher than leather. Anything is possible when you branch science and business together. One hand makes it, the other sells it. At the end of the day, isn’t that how things have always been?

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