How To Maintain Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is people’s favorite nowadays and it is for a good reason. Artificial grass is so easy to clean, maintain and look after, people are attracted to its lush green appearance and the fact that you don’t have to water it, just makes artificial grass a top choice for busy people, who love to have some greenery around, but don’t want to maintain it for too long. Here are some easy maintenance tips for artificial grass to make it last longer and look cleaner.

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  1. Stain Removal

Artificial grass can be susceptible to stains, but there are ways to clean it and make it look more put together. There are two types of stains which are very common in artificial grass. Mild stains are easier to remove and they can be easily removed, if you act quickly. If you see a stain forming, then you should clean it immediately. Stains of juices, food and wine can be best removed if you act promptly and clean it right away. For tougher stains, like grease and other thick residues, you can use spirit or mineral based cleaners to get the job done.

  1. Dust And Debris

The trick to keeping artificial grass cleaner for longer, you need to clean and sweep the grass every day. Dust and debris is bound to be collected on top of the artificial grass, so to remove it, you can either use a strong water jet to quickly remove the dust and debris, or you can use a soft broom to sweep put the stones, dust and smaller particles from the grass.

  1. Pet Waste

If you have pets, then you have to clean out the waste from the grass as well. As mentioned above, stains can be removed quickly if you spot them on time and clean them right away. The best way is to pick up as much of the visible waste and then treat the stains. For the smell, you can give a cool rinse to the turf and let it dry, it will be good as new. You can also use disinfectants if you want to be extra cautious with the germs. For pet hair, a sweep is more than enough.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/_Yeycmcm8Js

  1. Weekly And Monthly Maintenance

Weekly maintenance of artificial grass usually includes spraying down the grass with cold water. This will get rid of daily dust and debris. As far as monthly maintenance is concerned, you should pick one day of the month and deep clean your turf. It will usually involve picking up the stones and leaves from the grass, removing any tough stains. To keep the shape of the grass after washing, you can use a stiff broom to almost “brush” the grass back in place. They will stand upright and after drying, the grass shape will be as good as new.

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