About neXpower

We have the generators, experience and backup services to provide complete customer satisfaction whatever your requirement; residential, commercial, construction or industrial.

When advising customers we focus on three key areas:

  • Fit for Purpose
  • Lowest Price without compromising on Quality
  • Installation and Backup service second to none

Before supplying a generator solution we will discuss in detail with you the unique requirements for your application.

For example, you may require a silent generator only for standby operations and the equipment for this scenario will not need the same level of cost investment as a site requiring 24/7 operation.‚Äč


Our relationship with three key brand suppliers also allows us to offer competitive prices on equipment suited to your distinct situation. We are not "tied" to one set solution.

Satisfying our customers goes beyond just supplying the right generator at the right price:

  • Considered assessment of power required.
  • Precise voltage and frequency setup
  • Exact Phase Configuration
  • Provision of appropriate distribution equipment
  • Cables for safe operation
  • Expert and reliable installation
  • Staff available 24/7 to offer advice and expertise

Why Buy from neXpower?

Unlike other generator companies who offer their products for sale, neXpower offer a unique selling point which is advantageous over the competition.

Normally when there is a generator malfunction the generator company will speak to the manufacturer and organise a repair under warranty. This can take several days for a technician to attend site and to diagnose the problem. If the machine cannot be repaired on site, then further investigation works will take place and sometimes the generator can take up to several weeks before it is in operation.

Obviously this can create severe repercussions for the client, however as neXpower are part of Mather & Stuart generators, we have a team of over 14No skilled service technicians who can attend all problems, usually within a few hours of a reported breakdown.If the machine cannot be repaired and parts have to be ordered, we can simply provide a generator from our hire fleet of over 700No generators. NO other generator sales company in the U.K can offer this service and facility

neXpower on site at Manchester Airport
  • Firefly-Cygnus-Hybrid-Power-Generator-Range

    In January 2014 we hired a 35kva generator to operate our site compound. The generator had to run continuously to provide power to ‘heat’ the drying out room to ensure the workers clothes were dry.

    Unfortunately we were experiencing noise pollution issues from the residents as the machine was deemed “noisy” during the early hours of the morning, particularly with the warmer climate when windows were left open on the occupied houses to allow for the “cooling” of their property.

    Subsequently the environment health officer had been called to site and a meeting with the generator company was held to try to resolve these issues. Mather & Stuart came up with a solution to provide a “Hybrid Unit” which would eradicate any noise issues as the machine functions from batteries and is therefore totally silent. The Hybrid generator was programmed to start automatically at 17.30 hours and would revert to the normal generator at 0800 hours.

    With Mather & Stuarts assistance with their new innovative product, our dilemma was dissipated, and we continued our day to day running of the works without any further complaints. This system has now been introduced to similar sites in our region.

    Site agent: Jim Heald - Taylor Wimpey Homes

  • 20140801_105824I started a 10 year development for the construction of over 700 houses.Due to the infrastructure of the site, the electricity provider could only provide mains power after a ‘minimum’ of 18 months.

    After analysing our operating hire and fuel costs of a temporary generator, it was of great concern when we realised that these would exceed £100k per annum. With the introduction of the Hybrid Generator our fuel bill will be reduced by over £60,000 for the year along with a reduction over 144 tonnes of C02.

    On another positive note, we can transfer power onto the Hybrid unit whilst the main generator is getting serviced, so this eliminates loss of power to the Mortar Silo’s which prevents the bricklayers from waiting for the power to be restored!

    Site agent: Dave Walsh - Taylor Wimpey Homes